Song: Tomake Bhebe Lekha (Mon Valo Nei) Singer: Shanto Tune: Zaki Aman Lyrics: Zaki Aman Music: Fuad Album: Variation No.25 Language: Bangla Country: Bangladesh (Em)..(D)..(C)..(D) (Em)..(D)..(C)..(D) মন (Em) ভালো নেই , বারে বার (D) মনে হয়(C) তুমি (Bm)পাশে নেই, ভাবি ধুর (Em) ছাই কেন (D) কাটেনা সময়। (C).(D) (Em)সাতটি রঙ্গে তোমাকে (D) খুঁজে বেড়াই(C) বৃষ্টি… Continue reading

Hi friends, Today I just check some of shell script and found this awesome. I tried to learn shell script from now on. Here are some of the basics which I found useful for introduction Linux Shell Scripting Language. Understanding Linux Shell Shell: A Command-Line Interpreter that connects a user to Operating System and allows to execute… Continue reading

D——F#m———–G———A Drishti prodip jele, khujechi tomai D———F#m———–G—–A Fele asha din gulo, mone pore jai D——F#m———–G———A E jibone tumi chhara, ar kichu nai D——F#m———–G——-A Hariye jawa sriti, fire pete chai. D——-Bm———-(G)—-A–D Keteche binidro raat, eka eka D——–Bm———G——-A Bedonar baluchor-e melechi pakha D——F#m———–G——A Tumi hina e jibon, bhalo lage na D——F#m———–G——A E moner gobhirete betha dio na.… Continue reading

Hi friends, Last time I used to upgrade my fedora with FedUp, which is a third-party tools for fedora upgradation. But this time I tried to upgrade my OS with YUM. This is an open-source command-line package-management utility for Linux operating systems using the RPM Package Manager. This is the default package-management utility for Fedora. YUM is stand for Yellowdog Updated Modified.… Continue reading

(Am)She tara bhora raate, ami (G)parini bujhate (F)Tomake amar, (E)moner (Am)betha. (II) (Am)Tumi to bolecho (Dm)shudhu, (G)tomar shukher (Am)kotha (II) (Am)Ami onek (C)poth ghure (G)khoye khoye (Am)ondhokare (F)tomar pother (C)dekha (E)peye..(Am)chi (A)ar ridoyer (Dm)majhe (G)tomay kache ami (Am)cheyechi (A)ajo holona (Dm)bola (G)amar nabola (E)kotha(Am)……… (Am)ami onek (C)betha shoye (G)chholo chholo (Am)chokher jole (F)tomar chole (C)jawa… Continue reading